No more stalling, time to face the machine.  I’ve procrastinated nicely, starting by making myself my new favorite morning treat:  a cappuccino made with Fairlife chocolate milk (yes, I know, but don’t knock it till you try it).

But now even that is gone, so it is time to begin.

Anne has kindly agreed to take me on as her student and has suggested that we start slow.  I knew I liked her.

So task one is to work on straight lines.  Anne’s tactic here is no thread, no fabric.  This feels a bit like the “Friends” episode where Phoebe wants Joey to learn guitar without an actual guitar.

Anyway, we’re starting today with just the machine’s needle and a small piece of lined paper.  The goal is to keep the settings at low and slow, just working on control.  Follow the lines on paper and let the track of tiny holes show you how you’re doing.

Ok, so this is a brilliant way to begin.  My first few attempts felt like I was back in high school driver ed, afraid to give a powerful machine too much gas.  I stopped to ask Anne if I could ruin a sewing machine with too many starts and stops, grinding down those lovely gears.  She told me to just keep going.

Line by line by line by line.  Slow going and I’m nowhere near perfect on those lines, but I’m at least getting a feel for the machine.  By the end of our session, we even took it up to medium (ludicrous speed will have to wait), and I didn’t die.  Though I may have hyperventilated a bit.  Mostly my eyes just teared up a lot.  I think this is the result of not blinking ever.  Have I mentioned I’m a bit of a perfectionist?

Anyway, paper now thoroughly lined.  Next.