And so it begins…

The sewing machine has arrived.

It’s staring me down.  Like, “You think you can handle me?  Really?”

And so my sewing adventures begin.  In fairness, they began many (many, many, many) years ago, back in 7th grade’s mandatory home ec class.

Me in seventh grade (I’m rocking the awesome pink suit.)

We learned the basic ropes of our very basic machines and had to complete two projects from patterns we were allowed to select ourselves:  in my case, that was a pair of red tartan plaid pajama shorts and a smallish brown teddy bear.  (I feel like maybe the teddy bear had some sort of pouch situation?  To hold the pajama shorts?  More research needed.)  My vague memories suggest that it was not something I excelled at.  I feel like I recall trouble with bobbins?  Does that even make sense?

So, memory lane now walked, here we are in 2017 with me returning the sewing machine’s stare.  Why?  Well, it’s mostly Anne’s fault.  She’s a fantastic sewer and quilter extraordinaire, she’s founded Ethol House Quilting Company, and she’s totally inspired me with her creations.

Second, here at The Create Workspace, we’re converting an area of our studio to provide sewing and quilting facilities for walk-in visits, classes, and camps.  So I figured it’s time to walk the walk.  And, if that wasn’t enough, I want to learn how to make clothes.  I’ve become enamored of gorgeous fabrics from the likes of Free Spirit, Cloud 9, and Birch, and I’m dying to create with them.  Oh, and hello cosplay!  Sooooooo into this.

It’s true; I’m actually Leslie Knope IRL

And that catches us up.  Join me here for my adventures as I attempt to re-learn to sew.  Whether I can inspire you fellow beginners or provide chuckles for you experienced folks, I look forward to sharing the journey together.

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